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Spotted a cheater? This is how you can help

Written by [=CDX=] VATEC6000 on Fri 27/10/2017 11:46

Cheaters have been and still are a major nuisance in MoHAA series. It is no exception in our server, even if our banning system has been adjusted to perfection the occasional cheater can still get in and ruin the game for others. Our admin team will screenshot and/or ban cheaters instantly when they are online and see such activity. Still, if you feel that someone might have gone under our radar, take note of the following ways of notifying us about it:

This is OK: Hey admin, can you check player X?

Any pointless accusations, spamming or flaming are not OK and admins will not listen to them. Accusing a clean player of cheating will only make yourself not taken seriously in the future.

If there is an admin on and you politely ask him to check someone, then that will likely happen unless the player in question has already been proven clean. The admins have been instructed to never react to any kind of accusations, but they are willing to help as long as you're being polite about it.
Remember that legit skilled players do exist. If someone has a high score or happens to kill you twice in a row it doesn't automatically make them a cheater.

Official admins of [=CDX=]

Written by [=CDX=] VATEC6000 on Mon 23/10/2017 17:53

There have been a bunch of players who have adopted the [=CDX=] tag without our consent. Thus, I find it important to publish a list of people who are actual admins of the team:
  • [=CDX=] VATEC6000
  • [=CDX=] A.T.V©
  • [=CDX=] Mitchel[NL]
And here are admins who choose not to use the tag:
  • Flavour
  • Ficelle
These names are reserved and cannot be impersonated in any of our servers. Anyone else wearing the [=CDX=] tag is NOT our admin.
If you are a server owner and feel that one of these people may have been impersonated in your server, feel free to contact

PS. For those wondering how to become an admin: we recruit admins by invite only.

How to find screenshots?

Written by [=CDX=] VATEC6000 on Sun 22/10/2017 15:32

Click here to see a tutorial

We know some of you can't find screenshots in the "screenshots"-folder. Just follow the tutorial.
Uploading anything else than the real screenshot will result in an instant permanent ban.
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